Eucharistic Liturgy

Bp. +M. Elaine Bessette ~ Order of Magdal-Eder

(The following is a representive sample of our liturgy, minus the variety of optional alternatives.)


The single note/tone of a bell signifies the start of the service, as the music is gently turned down to the point of silence.

 The congregation enters, each in turn bows to the altar, and is seated.

Lighting of the Candles

Reader:         I will kindle my fire - this morning (alt: today, this evening)

In the presence of the holy angels of heaven,

In the presence of Raphael, The Healing Strength of God;

In the presence of Michael, Guardian and Defender

of the Church;

In the presence of Gabriel, God’s Strength;

And in the presence of Uriel, God’s Radiance.


All:         Without malice, without jealousy, without envy, without fear, with out terror of anyone under the sun.


Priest/Deacon:         Welcome to this sacred circle of joyful celebration and thanksgiving.  Our spirit is one, united in openness to the whole of creation.


We declare this space and our time together to be holy.

Enter God's gates with thanksgiving and come into the house with praise.


All:         We come this day as a community of faith seeking Light, Love, Peace, and Spirit.  Amen.


Christ before us, Christ behind us,

Christ on our right, Christ on our left,

Christ above us, Christ below us,

Christ seated in our heart of hearts.



Asperges  (optional)

Celebrant first crosses himself with the aspergillum

Priest:         May I be purified that I may worthily perform this holy liturgy.


And then sprinkles the Altar 3 times, then sprinkles servers/clergy, then the congregation.

Bless and purify this Table and House, which we dedicate to service.


First Censing: The Altar (optional)

Congregation stands. 

Penitential Rite

Priest:         In preparation for the celebration of the mystery of Christ's love, let us pray to the Divine Beloved who longs for our reconciliation. At this time, in an act of humbleness and truth, let us pray together, sincerely speaking the truth about ourselves. The Almighty shows love for us, forgives us, and welcomes us.


All:                  Amen


Priest:         As we confess our poor choices, the Almighty is just and may be trusted to forgive us and cleanse and protect us from every kind of wrong. In silence, we call to mind our regrets and poor choices. Let us confess our regrets.


All:         God of grace, we confess that sometimes we have strayed and made poor choices in what we have thought, said, and done. Forgive us and restore us to wholeness. Amen


It is essential that a few moments of silence should be observed here to allow a period of reflection and to enter into conversation with the Beloved concerning those things that weigh down the spirit.


Priest:         Know that the Beloved is faithful. As the Transforming Spirit forgives us, so must we forgive ourselves that we might walk in the renewal of this forgiveness. O God, open our lips.


All:         And our mouths shall show forth your praise. 

All:         Most Holy One, you have created us to be immortal and made us to be an image of your own eternity; yet often we forget the glory of our divine heritage and wander from the path that leads to you. Loving Reality, you know our weakness, and the extent of our failure to love you, one another, and ourselves and you see the sincerity of our efforts as well. Look upon us who have been offended and lift up our hearts. Look upon us who have given offense and help us heal the hurt we have caused. As we willingly, with your help, forgive one another, we ask you to fill us with your healing power and grace. Through Christ, the Redeemer and Indwelling Light. Amen.


Priest:         My companions, do not forget that the Living Christ experienced the great transcendence for us. In His name, you are now absolved from all past errors.

+ May the almighty and Indivisible One, transform and uplift us, bringing us to eternal life.
(Congregants bless themselves with the Sign of the Cross)

All:                  Amen


Sign of Peace

Priest:         My brothers and sisters, the Lord of Compassion binds us with a bond of love that cannot be broken. Therefore, in the name of the Logos ever present,

The peace of the Lord be with you always!


All:                  And also with you!

 Congregation is seated.

Priest:         As a reconciled people, let us offer our gifts and ourselves to God.


All:         Come, Beloved, in the dawning, Come in the newness of the morning, Come, make yourself known at the break of day and in the breaking of the bread.

Options for various times of day:

Come, Beloved, in the midst of day; come, assure us as we pray; come, make yourself known today and in the breaking of the bread.


Come, Beloved, in the evening; come in the close of day; come, make yourself known in the dark of night and in the breaking of the bread. 



All:                  Giver of my peace, keep me at morning,

                              keep me at noon, keep me at night;

                              Giver of my peace.


Calmer of my strife, keep me at morning,

                              keep me at noon, keep me at night;

                              Calmer of my strife.


Restorer of my life, keep me at morning,

                              keep me at noon, keep me at night;

                              Restorer of my life.


Gloria (omitted on weekdays & during Lent)

Priest:         Glory to You, Divine Spirit, for the wonder of Your creation.


All:         Glory to You for the wisdom of Your sages, the inspiration of Your saints, and the example of noble deeds performed by those who have sought the path that returns to You.  Glory to You for all that we are and all that we aspire to be. Spirit of life, reveal to us the splendor of creation so that, through temporal beauty we may know the beauty which is eternal.  Amen


Collect and Prayers of Petition

Priest:         Let us make ourselves one in the Spirit as we offer this sacred liturgy and our petitions.  Join with me now in the Communion of Saints as we pray with one mind and heart for those who are in need of our prayers and for the healing of the world.


                  We offer this liturgy for (the priest makes the dedications for the day’s liturgy) and for an increase in the holiness of our clergy, for the Light of the Christ to be made manifest among us, and for the healing of all who suffer in body, mind, or spirit.


Reader:           (The petitions of the church are read and then those gathered are invited to speak their personal petitions) Please offer your personal petitions if there are any special needs for prayer.


Liturgy of the Word

First Reading

Reader:         The First Reading is taken from… (Old Testament reading or appropriate sacred text…followed by)  This is the Word of the Beloved.

All:                  Thanks be to God


Second Reading (optional, usually an epistle of an apostle)

Reader:         The Second Reading is taken from… 

All:                  Thanks be to God

Congregation stands for the reading of the Gospel. 

Gospel Reading

Deacon/Priest:         My friends, May the peace of the Lord be with you!

All:                  And also with you!

Deacon/Priest:         Please stand for a reading from the Gospel according to…

All:                  May Your words of Ancient Wisdom be + in my mind, + on my

lips, + and in my heart.




Deacon/Priest:         This is the Word of the Beloved, the Good News of the Living Christ.

All:                  Praise be to You, Eternal Christ.

Congregation is seated. 

Homily and Parish Announcements


Priest:         With joyful hearts, let us now proclaim the mystery of our faith. 

Congregation stands for the recitation of the Creed.

This creed is taken from the letter of St. Paul to Timothy, I Timothy 3:16, and is one of the earliest creeds we have, c.50 AD.  (The Nicene or Apostles Creed may be substituted.)

All:         Great indeed, we confess, is the mystery of our religion. He was manifested in the flesh; Vindicated in the Spirit; Seen by angels; Preached among the nations; Believed in throughout the world; Taken up in glory. Amen.

Congregation is seated. 

Liturgy of the Eucharist

The Offertory

Offertory Hymn or Special Music Sung/played while the Priest is preparing the Elements.


Priest:         Lord of the elements, all praise to You. Make Yourself known in the bread and wine.


All:                  Hidden God, You reveal Yourself in and through creation.

Every creature is a sacrament.  All creation reveals Your power.

Open our eyes, hidden Splendor, that we may see You in the world, in all peoples, in every creature.

Let us know You love all, that we, and all things abide in You, in Your care, in Your love, in Your Presence now and evermore.  Amen.


Offertory hymn may be played or sung at this time. The collection is taken by the ushers and brought to the front of the church.  The priest blesses the collections and the server takes the collection to the side table. 


Second Censing (optional)

Priest:         Let us Pray.          

Divine Beloved, we offer ourselves to You

As we offer this bread and wine.

As the grain is gathered from the fields to make one loaf,

                              and as the grapes are gathered from the hillsides to

                              make one wine, bring us together in You.


All:                  Be with us in the breaking:

In the break of day

In the breaking of the bread

In the breaking of our lives

In the breaking of our hearts

In the breaking of our hopes

Be with us, O Beloved.


Be with us in the outpouring:

In the outpouring of the wine

In the outpouring of our hopes

In the outpouring of our troubles

Be with us, O Beloved.


You have come among us to be known in the breaking.

Come, Beloved, Come!


The priest offers the host saying:

Priest:         Blessed are You, Lord of all Creation. Through Your goodness, we have this bread to offer, which earth has given, and human hands have made. It will transform us and be the Body of Christ.


The priest offers the wine saying:

Blessed are You, Lord of all Creation. Through Your goodness, we have this fruit of the vine to offer, given by the earth and transformed by human hands. It will transform us and be the Blood of Christ.


Water is poured into the chalice as the priest says:

Remembering the Divine and human natures of our Lord Jesus Christ, and our own Divine and human natures, we mix water with this wine, praying that we may abide in His Consciousness and He in us.


Spreading hands over the elements, the priest says:

With this bread we rejoice in all who are experiencing growth and the incoming tide today.

 For all growing in stature, in wisdom and in spirit, for the freshness and the newness of this day.


We offer this wine for all who are being poured out and diminished this day; for all who are experiencing the ebb tide, --- the waning of powers of body, mind, or spirit.


We have this wine to offer, made by the crushing of the grapes. Where the spirit ferments, it is set free,

--- wine that is to be outpoured, fruit of the vine and work of human hands. It will become our spiritual drink.


May the Lord bless you!


All:                  And also bless you!



Priest:         As You provide rain to cleanse and nourish the earth, and this healing cup for all who drink from it, so too may this water purify my hands.


Prayer Over the Gifts

Priest:         May we who share this sacrament experience the life and power it promises and come to know Your presence.


All:                  Amen.


Introductory Dialogue

Priest:         Divine Beloved, drop still dews of quietness until our striving ceases. Take from our souls the strain and stress and let our ordered lives confess the beauty of Peace.



Priest:         Most Holy One, You have given us the vast expanse of the cosmos and filled it with celestial treasures, including this precious Earth, our home among the stars. In You, all are created, live, move, and have their being. Therefore, we praise You, joining with the heavenly company of the 'just ones made perfect', the prophets, sages and saints, who are precious jewels in Your crown of light.


Source of life and goodness, You have created all things, to fill Your creatures with every blessing and lead us to the joyful vision of Your Light. Therefore, in trust and thanksgiving we join in the chorus of praise that rings throughout eternity, with Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Powers, Virtues, Princedoms, Archangels and Angels, prophets, those working for justice and peace, and all who serve the Grail. Together with all of creation we praise and magnify You always; we do so by singing (or saying)...


Sanctus & Benedictus Qui Venit

All:                  Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, God of love and light, heaven and earth are full of Your glory.

Hosanna in the highest. Blessed are they who live in the Light of the Christ. Hosanna in the highest.


The Anaphora

Eucharistic Prayer

Priest:         O Lord, You are holy indeed, the fountain of all holiness.

As one family, we gather around Your table.

 Here is the sacrifice of the Christ, the great example for us all, offered in mystery.

Loving Creator, we bring You these gifts --- of + bread and + wine, and + ourselves as a living sacrifice.

We ask that Your Holy Spirit may descend upon us and upon this bread and wine which we now set before You,

--- that they may become the body and blood of Christ; and that we and all the world, being gathered into Christ may be offered as a holy and living sacrifice to You.

Minor Elevation:

We, Your servants, offer and present to You, O source of light and love, this Bread of Eternal Life and this Grail of Everlasting Salvation.


All:                    Amen


Priest:         The night before Christ suffered, He took bread into His sacred hands,

and with His eyes lifted up, He gave You thanks.

He blessed and broke the bread, giving it to His disciples, saying:


"Take and eat this all of you,

for this is my body, which will be given up for you.


(Greater Elevation)


Priest:         When the supper was ended, He took this cup into His sacred hands. 

Again, He gave You thanks and praise. 

He blessed the cup and gave it to His disciples, saying:


"Drink this all of you, for this is my blood,

the blood of the new and everlasting covenant. 

It will be shed for you and for all creation.

Do this in remembrance of me."


(Greater Elevation)


All:                  We give You thanks for the fruit of the vine, the symbol of Life flowing ever eternal. May we drink and never thirst again, for this is the cup of joy.


(While kneeling, the priest awaits the movement of the Holy Spirit and then says a prayer from the heart)


All:                  O Hidden Splendor, open our eyes that we may see You in all of Creation, our ears that we may hear Your voice in all that surrounds us, and our hearts that we may know You in each other.


Priest:         Creator, we celebrate the mystery of the awakened Christ.  As often as this act is done, the Eternal Word is born again in the depths of our world. Through You we become transformed.

Eternal Reality, remember Your people who hail You under many names and guises. Make us grow in love. For them and for ourselves, we ask some share in the fellowship of Your Just Ones made perfect: with Mary, our Savior’s blessed mother; with St. Mary Magdalene, St. Joseph, St. Aiden, St. Brigid, St. Sophia, St. Cannera, St. Junia, St. André,  (priest may add or substitute other saints by preference or feast day) and with all the Saints and Holy Ones of all ages and all peoples.

Welcome into the Light all of the departed --- that they may find happiness and peace in Your Presence.

Loving God, we call You Father, but You are also the fountain of Motherhood. Male and female You created us, in Your own image and likeness. May all people come to know that in You, we are all one.

Through the Christ You give us these gifts; You fill them with life and goodness; You bless them and make them holy.


All:                  Amen.


Priest:         As we celebrate the Christ in divine liturgy we also worship and acknowledge the other aspects of the Trinity.  Let us begin by praying with confidence to the Father in the words that Jesus gave us:

Congregation stands for the Lord's Prayer and the Prayer to the Holy Spirit.  

All:   Our Father, who art in heaven

Hallowed be thy name

Thy kingdom come,

Thy will be done,

On earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us this day, our daily bread,

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

And leave us not in temptation,

But deliver us from evil,

For Thine is the Kingdom,

And the Power, and the Glory,

Forever. Amen.


Priest:         Let us also pray to the Holy Spirit, our Divine Mother, in assurance of her gifts and blessing upon us.


All:    O Mother God, Divine Wisdom, Song of the Spheres,

Ruach whispering in our heart of hearts;

All who seek your protection,

Find aid in time of need, comfort and peace,

Courage, calm confidence, and all gifts.

In you we are ever renewed and filled with hope.

Receive our prayers and concerns and hold them in your

heart as you are ever present in and with the Creator

and the Living Christ.

Blessed be Your Holy Spirit as we are blessed in it.  Amen.

Congregation is seated.

Breaking of the Bread

Priest:         O Beloved, You show Yourself this day upon countless altars and yet are one and indivisible. In token of Your great Sacrifice, we break (break bread) this, Your Body.

In the bonds of your infinite love, all heaven and earth are united in one sacred communion. Now we stand with the angels and saints of all traditions and times, in the glory of the one limitless light. And as the One became many, only to restore all to unity, so too, as we broke this consecrated bread, we sought to break the barriers which confine the light within us— (drop fragment into the chalice) and become united in the light.


All:   Amen.


Pre-Communion Prayer (optional)

All:    O Christ, take this offering of my body and my blood, to transform as You will, so that I will be drawn into mystic communion in You and that Your Mystery be completed in me.



(a communion hymn may precede or accompany this rite)


Priest:         Come, my companions! Let us joyfully partake of the Lamb's banquet. All are now welcome to receive these Mysteries from the altar of the Beloved.  At this banquet all His children are welcome.

Priest kneels and says devotional prayer, then stands to take communion, using the words of St. Augustine: 

“Be what you see.  Receive what you are.”  The Body of Christ.

The priest takes a piece of the consecrated bread from the paten and passes the paten to the deacon who gives each person, in turn, a piece of the consecrated bread.


Priest/Deacon:         The Body of Christ.


Communicant:         Amen.


The priest then holds the chalice with the consecrated wine and says:

Be what you see.  Receive what you are.”  The Blood of Christ.

and drinks from the chalice. The priest then passes it to the Deacon, following the same pattern as used with the consecrated bread, where each in turn states:


Priest/Deacon:         The Blood of Christ.


Communicant:         Amen.


Ablutions and Silent Meditation


Concluding Rite

Priest:         We have received the nurturing gifts of the Christ. Now we shall seek to serve the Divine Mystery in this world and in our lives.


All:                  From the place of the Holy, there comes a light. We give thanks to the holy Angels of heaven, and to God, Who sent them.


Priest:         May the Light of the Christ be made manifest within the world and may the Light He holds within Himself, the Flame Imperishable, shine forth upon us and upon our work.


Lifting the presence lamp, and holding it out toward the people…

You are the Light of the World.  Let the Light shine!


All:                  Amen!


Priest:         From all who have gathered here, may the vision of Peace be spread throughout the world.

Congregation stands to receive the Benediction. 


Priest:           In the name of the + Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

 (Congregants bless themselves as the priest makes the sign of the Cross in Benediction)

 All:                  Amen.


Priest:         My brothers and sisters, the Eucharist never ends.   Let us go forth in peace to serve the Christ in one another. +

(All bless themselves with the sign of the cross)


All: Thanks be to God.

(A hymn may be sung with the ‘sending forth’ or recessional music played.)

(The priest bows to the altar and processes from the altar.  Each, in turn, bows to the altar and then processes from the space.)