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Sunday Liturgy at an OME Mission

Table Fellowship after Liturgy

Left - Jud Bruton's Ordination to the Diaconate, March 22, 2008; Right - Deacon Jud


Convocation 2007 - Ordination Liturgy

Bp. +Elaine André Censing the Altar and Icons

June 2007 Convocation

Jud Bruton receives Minor Order - Cleric

Subdeacon Christopher Merrill and Presiding Bp. +Trimelda McDaniels of the Christ Charismatic Liturgical Church in Idaho were among the 18 participants who joined with us in fellowship and liturgy at the Order of Magdal-Eder's 2007 Convocation.

Celebration Time

Jud "Beeing" a worker bee - Retrieving a coffee bean that fell into the bottom of the coffee maker's water tank. Many thanks to Jud and Christopher and all who so willingly worked to make the four-day convocation a success!